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Shipping Masters Group is a privately owned company aimed at providing over the top clearing, forwarding and transportation solutions. We are presently headquartered in Gauteng, South Africa. We are powered by a team of professional staff with a combined experience of over 25 years in the industry. We offer a range of value adding services such as consultation on customs procedures and processes. We also offer customs clearance services for all your cargo transported as either road, sea or air freight. For road transport solutions, we have our trusted third-party transporters who assist in this regard. At Shipping Masters Group, we are aimed at tailoring clearing, forwarding and transporation solutions to the suitability of the client. This we believe ensures that the experience remains as personalised as possible, in accordance to client requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

One requires an import or an export license plus an allocated customs code

This all depends on the nature of the cargo. The first starting point is determining the Harmonised Code of the cargo, which then helps point out what duty costs will be.

Shipping Masters Group will either make provision for a bond remover for you or help you apply Shipping Masters Group will either make provision for a bond remover for you or help you apply for a bond remov

Freight forwarding is when a professional company undertakes the responsibility of a client’s shipping. When a business decides to export or import their products, they are quickly faced with a wide variety of barriers and regulations that they have to overcome. By turning to a specialist in international shipping to manage those obstacles, they are turning their shipping into freight forwarding.

Most significantly, a freight forwarding service saves you time and headaches while providing reliable transportation. When requested, freight forwarders provide point-to-point services, taking all of the responsibility of transportation out of your hands. While this efficient point-to-point transportation reduces the need for connection time, it also decreases the chance of damaged goods. As there is a decrease in the amount of time it takes and in the number of stops required, this service is more environmentally friendly. Many services are offering eco-friendly packaging as well, making the process even better for our planet.